Significance Of Dussehra And Vijayadashami

Author: Trisha Khan

Dussehra is the tenth day after Navratri and the culmination of the Durga Puja. Vijayadashami is a festival that is close to the hearts of the people of Bengal as it means the end of Durga Puja. No [...]

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The Painful ‘GoodBye’ – Vijayadashami

Author: Sayantani Das


Vijayadashami is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. The last day of the Durga Puja festival Dashami, also known as Vijayadashami, is one [...]

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Durga Puja Celebrations Across India

Author: Siddharth Mondal

West Bengal is no more the only place for Durga Puja celebrations now. Bengalis living in other parts of India have started celebrating Durga Puja in their locality as well. Let us check some of th [...]

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Why Is Durga Puja Special To Bengalis?

Author: Farha Jahan

“Why is Durga Puja special to Bengalis?”

Has this question ever popped up in your mind?

If yes, then what answers to it did you find?

If no, then let’s take you through a jo [...]

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Durga Puja: Bengal’s Magnum Opus

Author: Anindita Kanjilal

Who started it?

Since time immemorial, Durga Puja has been an integral part of Bengal. This auspicious occasion got recognition in Bengal in the year 1832 by Raja Harinath. Since then it b [...]

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The Durgas Around Us: The Live Durgas

Author: Chaitali Chowdhury

The “Live” Durgas

Durgas are everywhere. She stands for power and resilience. It is again her who also stands for breaking the glass ceiling. As we are busy worshipping the clay idol [...]

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Basanti Durga Puja – The Less Popular One

Author: Tannu Rathi

We all are aware of the much-celebrated Durga Puja in West Bengal. A festival of rejoicing and rejuvenation; also of culture and customs. While the rituals continue for ten days, grandeur, devotion [...]

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Full Of Colour And Tradition: Durga Puja

Author: Nausheen Fatima

As vibrant hues spread across faces. As a result of vermilion, painting the sky red; seems the celebration of Durga Puja is a sight to behold. Subsequently, amidst the smoke released by the dhunuch [...]

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Try Dancing On Dhak, The Beats For Dhunuchi Dance

Author: Swati Pandey

Dhak beats are an integral part of Durga puja. Those echoing bangs are adequate to produce a mesmerizing effect of the Durga Puja celebrations.

Like all non- [...]

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Celebrating Durga Puja: The Homecoming Of Mahishasura Mardini

Author: Shromona Das

Why Durga Puja?

The City of Joy while Celebrating Durga Puja becomes even more lively with lights, Dhunuchi Naach and the smell of street foods drifting in the air. Furthermore, it won’t [...]

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Significance Of Weapons Of Goddess Durga

Author: Ayesha Mollah

Goddess Durga is almost here. Above all, the Bengalis are now gearing up for Durga Puja, the biggest festival of the year in Bengal. It certainly means that now the Bengalis will be busy pandal ho [...]

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Author: Anwesha Sarkar

Durga Puja- Grandest Festival of Bengal

Durga Puja, the most popular festival of West Bengal, especially Kolkata, starts with the grand ceremonial worship of Goddess Durga. Most importantly [...]

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What Makes Durga Puja Special? : To Bengalis

Author: Vasundhara Chakraborty

Well, if you ask me, I would say, it keeps changing through the years. From my life’s fifth Durga puja I can recollect memories and since then whenever I have found myself in retrospection, I hav [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Kolkata For Durga Puja

Author: Samuel Ghosh

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and also the second most important city of British Raj is also called The City of Joy for a reason. A lot of us, especially who live out of West [...]

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Author: Kasturi Baksi

Durga Puja is to Bengal what Ganesh Chaturthi is to Maharashtra or Janmashthami is to Gujarat.  It is not only a religious affair but also a celebration of one’s culture. And how can we defi [...]

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The Five Phenomenal Bonedi Bari Durga Pujas

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

The smell of Shiulis is already in the air. Autumn has received an invitation from the Bengalis. Above all, Goddess Durga must have already begun packing for herself and her family’s entourage to [...]

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Top 5 Durga Pujas To Enjoy:In Kolkata

Author: Agnani Deb

Kolkata, a city of color, culture, and celebration, becomes most charming in the time of Durga puja. Durga puja is not only the most auspicious celebration of Hindu Bengalis but also a major cultur [...]

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Kumortuli Kolkata - Durga Idol Making Process

Author: Anindita Halder

'Kumortuli' is the place where the idols are made and sent to various pandals of Kolkata. They also create idols for Durga Pujas organized outside Kolkata. Since my childhood days, I was inquisitiv [...]

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What Outfit You Should Wear This Durga Puja

Author: Surbhi Daga

So how are you all doing? I hope everything is fine as the festive season is on its way. The most confusing choice more than choosing food from menu card is that “what traditional outfit you shou [...]

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