Passenger To Flight SMM 101: This Is Your Last Call To Board!

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

Strenuous yet beneficial. Profitably new. Meticulous...

Social [...]

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The PIN-code Where Conversion Funnels Are Smaller Than You Thought!

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

It was in the year 2017, this social media platform hit a subscriber count of above 10 million registered IP addresses, and that took the world of [...]

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SEO Vs SEM: The Report Card Arrives

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

The algorithm of Google has certainly been a big reason for sleepless nights for digital marketers all around the globe. It might seem a labyrinth [...]

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words… (or Maybe Much More With Instagram Marketing!)

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

If you are in a business that moves around the thought that the better you show the better you sell: then run for Instagram marketing.

For [...]

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SEM-game: Why Your Trade Just Needs To Play It!

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

In our last blog, we tried to add clarity to your [...]

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Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

Did you know? The ROI of Facebook ads are comparatively much lesser compared to the conversion scopes that Google Display ads provide.

Did y [...]

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Agent Get You At, At Your SEO-rvice!

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

What is the first thing a millennial does when he is asked about something he or she does not know?

(Chorus) Searches it up on Google!


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Is Your Brand-bird Tweeting Yet?

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

With over 330 million active users today, twitter is one of the most active modes of communication in the present date.

One word that define [...]

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8 Reasons Your Brand Needs Social Media Marketing Now

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

It's time you knew, what exactly your brand is losing out on…because YOU have not yet #comeonline!

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Zoom's Competitor In Video Calling Applications

Author: Chaitali Chowdhury

The test of the present times...

The Coronavirus pandemic has kept everyone under lockdown, in the [...]

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Thanks & Respect To ALL My Team Members

Author: Ajay Binani

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Significance Of Dussehra And Vijayadashami

Author: Trisha Khan

Dussehra is the tenth day after Navratri and the culmination of the Durga Puja. Vijayadashami is a festival that is close to the hearts of the peop [...]

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The Painful ‘GoodBye’ – Vijayadashami

Author: Sayantani Das


Vijayadashami is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. The last day of the Durga Puja fes [...]

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Durga Puja Celebrations Across India

Author: Siddharth Mondal

West Bengal is no more the only place for Durga Puja celebrations now. Bengalis living in other parts of India have started celebrating Durga Puja [...]

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Why Is Durga Puja Special To Bengalis?

Author: Farha Jahan

“Why is Durga Puja special to Bengalis?”

Has this question ever popped up in your mind?

If yes, then what answers to it did you fin [...]

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Durga Puja: Bengal’s Magnum Opus

Author: Anindita Kanjilal

Who started it?

Since time immemorial, Durga Puja has been an integral part of Bengal. This auspicious occasion got recognition in Bengal [...]

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The Durgas Around Us: The Live Durgas

Author: Chaitali Chowdhury

The “Live” Durgas

Durgas are everywhere. She stands for power and resilience. It is again her who also stands for breaking the glass [...]

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Basanti Durga Puja – The Less Popular One

Author: Tannu Rathi

We all are aware of the much-celebrated Durga Puja in West Bengal. A festival of rejoicing and rejuvenation; also of culture and customs. While the [...]

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Full Of Colour And Tradition: Durga Puja

Author: Nausheen Fatima

As vibrant hues spread across faces. As a result of vermilion, painting the sky red; seems the celebration of Durga Puja is a sight to behold. Subs [...]

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Try Dancing On Dhak, The Beats For Dhunuchi Dance

Author: Swati Pandey

Dhak beats are an integral part of Durga puja. Those echoing bangs are adequate to produce a mesmerizing effect o [...]

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Celebrating Durga Puja: The Homecoming Of Mahishasura Mardini

Author: Shromona Das

Why Durga Puja?

The City of Joy while Celebrating Durga Puja becomes even more lively with lights, Dhunuchi Naach and the smell of street f [...]

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Significance Of Weapons Of Goddess Durga

Author: Ayesha Mollah

Goddess Durga is almost here. Above all, the Bengalis are now gearing up for Durga Puja, the biggest festival of the year in Bengal. It certainly [...]

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Author: Anwesha Sarkar

Durga Puja- Grandest Festival of Bengal

Durga Puja, the most popular festival of West Bengal, especially Kolkata, starts with the grand cer [...]

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What Makes Durga Puja Special? : To Bengalis

Author: Vasundhara Chakraborty

Well, if you ask me, I would say, it keeps changing through the years. From my life’s fifth Durga puja I can recollect memories and since then wh [...]

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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Kolkata For Durga Puja

Author: Samuel Ghosh

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and also the second most important city of British Raj is also called The City of Joy for a re [...]

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Author: Kasturi Baksi

Durga Puja is to Bengal what Ganesh Chaturthi is to Maharashtra or Janmashthami is to Gujarat.  It is not only a religious affair but also a c [...]

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The Five Phenomenal Bonedi Bari Durga Pujas

Author: Madhulagna Banerjee

The smell of Shiulis is already in the air. Autumn has received an invitation from the Bengalis. Above all, Goddess Durga must have already begun p [...]

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Top 5 Durga Pujas To Enjoy:In Kolkata

Author: Agnani Deb

Kolkata, a city of color, culture, and celebration, becomes most charming in the time of Durga puja. Durga puja is not only the most auspicious cel [...]

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Kumortuli Kolkata - Durga Idol Making Process

Author: Anindita Halder

'Kumortuli' is the place where the idols are made and sent to various pandals of Kolkata. They also create idols for Durga Pujas organized outside [...]

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What Outfit You Should Wear This Durga Puja

Author: Surbhi Daga

So how are you all doing? I hope everything is fine as the festive season is on its way. The most confusing choice more than choosing food from men [...]

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