The algorithm of Google has certainly been a big reason for sleepless nights for digital marketers all around the globe. It might seem a labyrinth more difficult than oracles.   But bless SEO & SEM!

It was in the year 2017, this social media platform hit a subscriber count of above 10 million registered IP addresses, and that took the world of digital marketing quite a pause to sink in.

Strenuous yet beneficial. Profitably new. Meticulous…   Social Media Marketing is here to stay. And if you want your brand too, to persist in the long run, make sure you read this blog till the

  If you may find this rude or exaggerating, do a self-analysis of your business once again. Ask yourself the vision and the mission of it. The terms which always sounded as mere book chapters,

“Johnny Johnny…Yes papa,Google Analytics installed on website? Yes Papa.   Interpreting the Collected Data? No Papa.Correcting website based on it? No Papa.   Client’s reaction to your website?…Well, they bounced!”   There are innumerable Johnny’s

Have you just entered the vast world of digital marketing with a bright idea of a brand? Are your eyes yet to sink in the vastness? Are you confused as to how to market your

When asked in a survey, 100 percent of the people mentioned they go online to pass time. But is that actually true today?   I found it difficult to digest so on better research I

2 years back on this same day, we wrote a blog on “What does Freedom Mean“. It talked about how to think and act freely and also how to enable others to act freely.