Thanks and Respect To ALL My Team Members

“It is not necessary to learn from the leader always. The TEAM too can teach you a lot.” – Ajay Binani


Why to write this blog?


I am simply writing this blog to remind myself of how powerful, hardworking, trustworthy and most importantly loyal my team is during the tough times (during the #COVID19 times, during the #Lockdown times). I wish to read this blog, each time our business faces a challenge in future.

I am also writing this blog to convey to them my heartfelt thanks.


The Unforeseen Attack


It’s the year 2020 and the world is effected by an infectious disease (#Coronavirus) caused by a new virus. By the time I am writing this, ~2 million cases have been recorded positive with more than 1,18,000 deaths globally (may their soul rest in peace).


The Preventive Measures


As a measure to prevent the disease to spread further, various countries have announced a complete #Lockdowna state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. India is one of them.

As a result, companies in India have requested people for remote working.


Remote Working for Beyond Average and Get You At i.e my team


A recent study reveals that 99.8% workforce in IT sector is incapable of remote working. It feels so proud to share, that we (the team of #BeyondAvg and #GetYouAt) are among the rest 0.2%. That’s my team. That’s us. While most of countrymen are thinking about how to pass their leisure time or which movies or web-series to look forward for, our team members are focusing on completing their daily tasks with as efficiency as ever. Not to mention, the constant negativity in surroundings, the internet connection conundrum and a constant fear of the unknown in the mind. And wish we could have let go the household chores being taken care by them (90 percent of our team member’s are woman). Sounds like a superwoman to me.


The story doesn’t end here. The beauty of the team lies in their UNITY. Believe that’s the reason that there is not even a single weak link in the entire team. Each member is working with same sincerity as the other.


Be it the team leader or someone under probation, be it the project manager or the graphic designer, be it single or father/mother; each of them have shown such high level of commitments that while others are thinking on how to save their businesses, I am forced to think how to take the business leaps ahead (even during #Lockdown times) because the team is all ready to back up. It amuses me sometimes, how they manage their personal and professional life so well. And I wish to learn so much from them.


Thank You


I thank each member of my team, and wish they continue to flourish in their respective fields and just like today may stick to each other in thick and thin.


Together; we did, we can, we will.


P.S. A special note of thanks to the #Family members of our team as well – without whose support, it would not be feasible to work so diligently. Team BA and GYA, appreciates your help.


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