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Responsive Web design

Responsive Web Design is an approach towards designing web pages that employ flexible layouts and images on any device.

The flexibility of the cascading style sheet media queries in a responsive web design allows the web pages to understand and adapt to the visitors screen size and fit in accordingly to give the visitor an optimum viewing experience.

SEO friendly

Search Engines are oceans and their protocols are those fish in the ocean that look for baits called keywords.

When your website is search engine optimised, which is, if its content is rich in the trending keywords only then can you climb up the layers of the ocean with your website.

Get a website with web content that is enough optimised to hit the bull's eye.

Static Web Design

A static web design is a design which has all the data fixed and cannot be changed unless the data is added in the html code.

Static websites are the basic type of web design and are easy to create. A static website can be built by simply designing few HTML pages and publishing them to a Live Server.

Dynamic Web Design

Unlike a static website, a Dynamic web design is generated through client side or server-side scripted codes that can be modified over time according to business needs, and their clientele stays updated with every change the client amends on it is way of operation.

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