Facebook Marketing

With 2.41 billion active users as on June 2019, Facebook is not just the world’s largest social media network but also the largest platform for a brand to get engaged with audience right from baby boomers (born between 1946-1963) to Gen Z (born between 1996-2010).

For most, a well maintained page is enough to mark a social media presence.

Don’t dare to miss it.

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Instagram Marketing

A pictures says a thousand words.

Whoever said this was not expecting the importance of images or pictures to expand so fast & wildly.

500 million plus daily active stories make connection with unlimited individuals on a daily basis trying to be the next influencer or just being a part of it.

Whatever it is, millennials are holding tight to it.

Here is the link to How to make Instagram Business Page:

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Twitter Marketing

Ever wondered what's the shortest sentence in English Language?


Wondering how so much is said in such less words! That's Twitter. Saying more, in less characters (280). 330 million active intellectuals (monthly) share their thoughts and ideas on regular basis on twitter.

Here is a link to How to make Twitter Business Account:

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Lindkedin Marketing

One of most cheapest form of social media marketing, LinkedIn, is used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies.

From looking for new intern to hiring for the next senior level position, 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn on a regular basis.

Highly recommended platform to be on, for all professionals.

Here is a link to How to make LinkedIn Business Account:

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Youtube Marketing

Voice, Video and Vernacular: The next three Vs of Digital Marketing.

And Video forms a major part of it.

Googles most popular service, Youtube, with1.8 billion users every month, is fast closing towards Facebook.

Things are pretty straight and simple here.

Know it, Make it, Record it, Sell it.

Here is a link to How to make YouTube Business Account:

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Pinterest Marketing

Ideas are nobody’s monopoly. And that’s what Pinterest do.

Pin your idea and get on board.

With 291 million monthly active users and ~80% of them being female, Pinterest is the leading platform for new ideas and images.

Here is a link to How to make Pinterest Business Account:

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