Celebrating Women Freelancers in the field of SEO, SMM, Google Ads,  Graphic Designing & Blogging.

17 Sep 2022

10:30 am to 4:45 pm

Conclave AJC Bose Road, Kolkata

limited participation
last date of registration

10 Sep 2022



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About Designation Woman Awards

Why the initiative?

The Designation Woman Awards was initiated in order to appreciate, encourage and support the individuals or organisations who support the empowerment of woman.


We believe that by recognizing and felicitating such individuals/companies, we are providing a platform where they don’t just get a chance to share their stories and purpose but also a platform where they can discuss their issues and may get insights on how the peer companies are solving those issues.


As women-oriented organizations, we believe in recognizing the contribution of women, who have become an indispensable part of the modern workforce today.

Designation Woman Awards 2022

About the Event

With the resounding success of Designation: Woman Awards 2021, Team Get You At and BA Content Creators are proud to be back with Season 2!


This year, we aim to celebrate Women who have made their mark in the world of Digital Marketing, independently – purely as Freelancers!


Yes, this year, our awardees will include Exemplary Women Solopreneurs in the world of SEO, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Google Ads, and Blogging.

Who Will We Be Celebrating?

We understand how difficult it is for freelancers to create an end-to-end product. With this understanding in mind, we are generating an open platform for us – like-minded people to connect and exchange ideas!


As a women-oriented organization, we are here to connect with, celebrate, and felicitate independent female powerhouses in the field of Digital Marketing.


So, calling all Women Freelancers to get in touch and help make Designation Women Awards 2022 a success, yet again!


Why Should You be a Part This Year?


To share your major learnings in this field as a freelancer. Share with us, the story behind your journey, how you started and most importantly – Why you started?


Learn from other like-minded women about how they overcame obstacles on their journey. Let there be a cross-exchange of ideas and knowledge as we go ahead.


Explore the avenues within your industry that you might not have stepped into yet. Learn from the bests in the field and expect new opportunities to arrive.


Connect with industry experts who are evolving with the changing dynamics of the industry.


Meet and Celebrate Woman Solopreneurs who have been making noise in the world of Digital Marketing – all on their own!

Get Inspired

Together let us gain inspiration to become the next big names in the industry. Learn more about the field of freelancing, and also know how teams work.

Event Schedule

10:30 AM – Registration begins
11:00 AM – Weleome Note
11:15 AM – Participant Introductions (2 minutes each)
12:15 PM – Session 1 – Being a Woman Freelancer – Easy or Difficult?
01:00 PM – Session 2 – Facts or Myth
02:00 PM – Lunch Break
03:00 PM – Session 3 – What’s the future of your industry in particular?
03:45 PM – Award Ceremony
04:45 PM – Closing note

Register Schedule



Conclave AJC Bose Road, Kolkata

Date & Time

10:30 am - 5 pm, 17th Sep


20 Awards


20 People

Success Story Of Designation Women Award 2021

Aunkita Nandi

Tier5 Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Masuda Yasmin

Reliable Educational Trust

Vinita Saraf

Founder and Trustee at EkTara

Chitralekha Biswas

CEO - CEE BEE Design Studio

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