Celebrating Durga Puja in Mumbai .Durga Pujas celebrations across India.

Durga Puja Celebrations Across India

West Bengal is no more the only place for Durga Puja celebrations now. Bengalis living in other parts of India have started celebrating Durga Puja in their locality as well. Let us check some of the top Durga Pujas celebrations across India.

Muhammad Ali Park (Kolkata)

Muhammad Ali Park is known for the Bengali culture. Therefore, pandal hopping might seem to be incomplete in Kolkata if this place is not visited.

Major attractions:

First of all, the traditions of the sponsors and organizers of Muhammad Ali Park ensure fewer differences in the face and body language of Goddess Durga every year. As a result, there is a presence of simplicity in the culture of this place.

Santosh Mitra Square (Kolkata)

This destination provides an appearance of calmness in the face of Goddess Durga. Moreover, the probable implication is peace after defeating the evil one.

Major attractions:

The crown on the heads of the idol is usually made of gold. Furthermore, this practice is aligned with the traditions and culture of the puja-organizing family. As a result, there is also a prolonged session of traditional Sandhi Puja observed here.

Balkanji Bari of Santacruz (Mumbai)

Pandal hopping in Mumbai has become traditionally fascinating presently. This is because of "Bonedi Bari" Pujos of the Bollywood actresses like Kajol Devgan and Rani Mukherjee.

Major attractions:

Celebrating Durga Puja in Mumbai had always been associated with the getting together of celebrities. Most importantly, people from Kolkata can now worship Goddess Durga here also.

Purbapalli Durgtsav of Sector 15 (Gurgaon)

This destination is filled with the culture of the Bengali Sindoor Khela. Above all, all working women and housewives, forgetting their professional/personal differences, come together to play with vermillion at the end of the Durga Puja.

Major attractions:

They celebrate the presence of professional and unprofessional Dhunchi folk in this destination. Thus, it is a relief for the busy lives of individuals of Gurgaon to enjoy these fun events.

Bengali club of Shivaji Marg (Lucknow)

This club invites all Bengalis and non-Bengalis in Lucknow to witness all Durga Puja events.

Major attractions:

The sizes of Goddess Durga’s idol here is generally taller/larger than most other idols in Lucknow. Therefore, there is the trend of keeping vibrant colors of clothes for all the idols. Interestingly, every year they choose one particular color for the clothes of all the idols.

Dhantoli (Nagpur)

This destination is also really enjoyable. The Dhunchi folk here is one of the most famous events in the entire locality.

Major attractions:

Mainly it is famous for continuous dance performed by Dhunchi folk for about more than an hour. Certainly, this dance has been part of the Bengali culture and tradition. They mostly attract the young crowd.

Besant Nagar’s Bengali Association (Chennai)

This destination is unconventional because of the different styles of Kumari puja and Sandhi puja done here.

Major attractions:

They offer long garlands to Goddess Durga following the prevalent culture of Bengal. Another availability here is the spicy food including traditional Bengali food.

Nandanik (Pune)

Do not miss this destination if you are in Pune for the reason that they conduct Sandhi Puja and Kumari Puja in different ways. This is because there is the inclusion of nostalgic music to deepen the feel.

Major attractions:

They try to portray their level of devotion towards Goddess Durga by playing soothing Bengali songs.

Indranagar Socio-Cultural Association (Bengaluru)

The culture and traditions of Bengaluru are evident in white-colored decorations of pandals.

Major attractions:

They prefer circular embroidered decorations with a white-colored cloth. They use this cloth above the heads of all the idols. Perhaps, these are symbols of respect towards Goddess Durga. Moreover, they pay homage to the Gods and Goddesses this way.

Hyderabad Bengali Samity (Hyderabad)

First of all, the traditions of this destination’s Durga puja have not changed at all. This is because all the elders are still a part of this Durga puja. Even more, the knowledge of the elders about doing traditional Durga puja is sufficient to not make mistakes and maintain the culture.

ajor attractions:

Most noteworthy is a group of Bengalis here always volunteering to help. They also complete all responsibilities, like welcoming guests, with refreshments with the exact amount of devotion. Finally, in this way, Durga Puja becomes a grand occasion to celebrate in Hyderabad.

Author: Siddharth Mondal